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Should Your Dentures Get Upgraded to a Newer Set?

Posted on 12/23/2016 by Sergio Ortegon
A complete set of dentures.
When you lose your teeth, dentures are a great way restore your smile, as well as your ability to eat and speak. But dentures aren't indestructible. These removable prosthetic teeth, which are made from molds of your jaws, will eventually need to be replaced, but how do you know if you should upgrade to a newer set?

Your Jaw Has Changed Shape

One of the main reasons your dentures will need to be upgraded is because your jaw has changed shape. Reabsorption happens when you no longer have any teeth in your jawbone.

The roots that once let your body know that it should send nutrients to your jaw, keeping it strong enough to hold your teeth in place, are no longer there. Those nutrients are now being sent elsewhere, and as a result, your jaw begins to weaken. As it weakens, it changes shape. The dentures that were custom made to fit your jaw several years ago will no longer fit properly. This can cause several issues.

Movement of Teeth

If your dentures are loose, there is a greater chance that they can slip out of place, or fall out completely, while you eat or speak, even with denture adhesive. This can lead to some embarrassing situations if you're out with family or friends.

Loose, ill-fitting dentures can cause a significant amount of pain. This is because the hard plastic rubs against your gums. You may wind up with denture sores or red, inflamed, and very tender gums.

Time to Upgrade
Poorly fitting dentures can be relined, but this is only a temporary solution. Eventually, you will need to be fit for a new set of dentures. Or, another solution is dental implants. Implants are a permanent solution to tooth loss. Titanium rods are surgically placed in your jaw, and act as tooth roots to support a bridge of prosthetic teeth.

The rods also help prevent reabsorption of your jaw, allowing it to keep its shape. The prosthetic teeth are screwed in, although there are options to have them clip in place to be removeable, and stay there permanently unless they need maintenance.

If it's time to upgrade your dentures, contact our office about your options.

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