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Dental Implants

Losing your teeth can be an experience that significantly affects your self-confidence and perspective. Something as innocent and innocuous as a smile might become a trigger for panic and anxiety. This can clearly lead to a diminished quality of life, and you might find yourself unable to take pleasure in the simple, everyday activities that you used to take for granted. Losing your natural teeth can affect much more than appearance; however, it might even interfere with your ability to eat and enjoy food as you used to. If you're in this kind of situation, don't panic! You can regain your health and happiness again, and return to a life of carefree smiles with the help of our prosthodontists and dental implants!

Dental implants have been successful for more than 30 years

They have proven to be biocompatible with the oral cavity and, as an artificial tooth root, they support and hold single crowns, fixed bridges, or removable prosthesis.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

•  Helps to preserve bone
•  Could eliminate the need for a removable prosthesis
•  Ensures the security of upper or lower dentures
•  Helps improve self-esteem and boosts confidence
•  Helps to maintain the shape of the face

In planning for implants several factors have to be taken in consideration prior to surgery including:
•  Is there sufficient bone for an implant?
•  What type of crown or prosthesis is going to be placed on it?
•  Is there enough room for a crown or prosthesis?
•  How is the crown or prosthesis going to look after the implant has been placed?

Careful and meticulous treatment planning and honest patient education prior to implant restorations guarantees a better outcome with no surprises.


Make an appointment with our prosthodontist today in order to sit down and discuss your options. Prosthodontists are uniquely situated to help because we complete additional long-term schooling that enables us to ensure a functional as well as beautiful smile. Once we have completed four years schooling in the field of dentistry, we go on to complete an additional three years of graduate school. You'll be working with specialists who understand your concerns, have experience with your problem, and are able and willing to go the extra mile to make sure you're happy with your treatment.

Dental Implants
A dental implant is not, on its own, a replacement tooth. It is actually a type of prosthesis that is placed in your jawbone. This prosthesis eventually becomes part of your jawbone — it grows into the existing bone and becomes a sturdy and natural fixture. Once this integration has happened, dentures, crowns, and fixed bridges can be placed on top of the dental implant post. In total, there are three pieces to a dental implant tooth — the original fixture that is placed in your jaw, the cap or tooth that is placed on top, and the abutment that is used to connect the post to the replacement tooth.

Dental implants are good options for the majority of people who have lost teeth, be they multiple or singular. There are also a number of advantages to using dental implants. One of these is that, because the implants become a part of your jaw, they feel and work naturally. This enables you to live your life without worrying about denture adhesive or constantly adjusting your bite. Another benefit is that, because they are composed of titanium, dental implants don't decay. This means that you don't have to worry about the structure breaking down or weakening: once they are in place, dental implants can last a lifetime.

Taking Care of Dental Implants

While dental implants can last a lifetime, maintaining good oral hygiene is still an important part of your daily routine. In patients with good oral health, implants are routinely successful — that is to say, far more often successful than they are not. Success rates of at least 90% to 95% are routinely reported, and many patients are surprised at the difference they make in their daily lives. Additionally, the risk of infection or inflammation is low with dental implants. In fact, our prosthodontists will be able to guide you through the post-surgery process and make sure that you heal correctly.

While dental implants are typically a good option for the vast majority of patients, make sure to schedule an appointment with us in order to discuss your particular needs. The procedure is quick and relatively inexpensive — that is, it tends to cost the same as a replacement fixed bridge. The benefits of the procedure are undeniable, and we think you'll be surprised how dental implants can work to increase your daily happiness.

What Our Patients Are Saying About Us

"Best dentist ever, by far! Board Certified Maxillofacial Prosthodontist. Faculty at UTSD; Clinical Consultant for Texas Children's Hospital Dept of Plastic Surgery; and he still has time to do General Dentistry. Wow!" - Renee P.

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